The Blues

The Blues is a series of xeroxed zines dedicated to the topic of depression. Though each story is unique, the message of getting help is the same.







Functioning is one of the xeroxed zines from The Blues. It narrates a day of an individual living with high-functioning depression. Though the message is not like the other zines, it’s important to raise awareness about this condition through this piece of work.



Layers is a xeroxed zine from The Blues portraying the many layers a depressed individual puts on to face the day. It can be read from its front or back cover. Though different from Functioning, SPEAK, Holes, and Listen!, Layers’ message is similar: it brings attention to the emotional layers people wear just to go outside. 

layers cover


No Answer and My Dad’s Back are illustrated picture books dealing with depression and substance use. These stories are vastly different from each other, but the message of getting help is still clear. These books aspire to foster compassion in those reading them.

Front Cover of No Answer