Self Illustration (300dpi)

I have been drawing my whole life and further delved into the art world at around 13 years old. I first identified as an illustrator in 2014 and have also been enrolled at OCAD U since 2013.

Though I have worked in other media, I consider myself to be an illustrator and love telling stories through pictures and text. Storytelling allows me to convey my feelings to the world in a simple, yet very powerful way—illustrating these stories is the only way that I know how to do this most effectively. I love to illustrate stories and I love telling stories to the world; I love presenting both whimsically magical and heartbreakingly realistic scenes to the public in order to make them feel things.

Getting people to feel things is always my goal. Some influences for my image and story style are the late nineteenth century impressionist movement, as well as books by Dr. Seuss, Robert Munsch and Shel Silverstein.